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Waveguide Arc Detectors

EDS-FL has developped a series of Waveguide Arc Detectors for use in high power microwave transmitters used in Radar applications.

The Waveguide Arc Detectors work by sensing light in the waveguide and interrupting the trigger pulse going to the transmitter when light is detected.

The arc detector is very fast, with typical response time from light to interruption of the trigger signal of 5µS (maximum 10µS).

The trigger gate has very low and balanced delay of 30nS typical.

The Arc Detectors are composed of two devices and interconnecting fiber optic cables:

  • A waveguide elbow which includes the housing for the fiber optic cables
  • An electronic module which includes the optical sensor (for arc detection) and emitter (for testing), the trigger gate, test circuit, remote status driver and front panel LEDs for status indication.

The only connection between the waveguide and the electronic module is via optical cables, providing complete galvanic isolation between the two. This allows the detector to operate well even in the presence of very high noise levels as can be encountered in high power radar transmitters.

The Arc Detectors are currently available with WR-187 and WR-284 waveguide sizes. The WR-187 is available with E-bend or H-bend, the WR-284 is only available in H-Bend at the moment. Feel free to ask for custom configurations. The picture below is a side view of the WR-187 H-bend.

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